Chase Murray

Assistant Professor
Industrial & Systems Engineering
University at Buffalo

Phone:  (716) 645-4716
Office: 309 Bell Hall

My research interests involve the application of operations research (OR) techniques to solve problems encountered by industry and the military.  In particular, I’m interested in leveraging the capabilities of (semi-) autonomous vehicles for logistics and surveillance.  This includes routing and scheduling of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, also known as drones).  I am a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified drone pilot.

Featured Research

UAVs in Logistics – Motivated by Amazon’s “Prime Air” UAV for small parcel delivery, we have developed algorithms that coordinate traditional delivery trucks with quadcopters.  These algorithms minimize the total time required for deliveries, helping customers to receive packages faster and improving the overall effectiveness of the delivery process.  Read more…


Cesium HITL Quadcopter Simulator – This video provides a demonstration of CHQSim (pronounced “check sim”), a hardware in the loop (HITL) quadcopter simulator that combines jMAVSim and Cesium.  This simulator allows the pilot to navigate and view a quadcopter on a 3D globe.  In this video, we have a 3DR quadcopter connected via USB to a laptop.  The pilot uses the radio controller to fly the quadcopter.  As the pilot uses the radio controller, jMAVSim simulates the quadcopter’s position (GPS coordinates) and orientation (roll/pitch/heading).  While jMAVSim is a very capable simulator, its visualization environment doesn’t display the quadcopter’s simulated location on the globe.  So, we wrote a Python script (CHQSim) that links the telemetry outputs from jMAVSim to Cesium, a Web-based application for displaying 3D maps.